Below is an actual transcript of an email that we received from an amazing patient, Mr. Robert Sacks.


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Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 5:05 AM

Subject: Attn: John Jacobs, Dr. Srivastava, Dr. Castracane

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With amazing tact and persuasiveness John managed to talk me into doing something I've been putting off for years -- I wrote a review.


It's probably too long but I thought you'd enjoy seeing it.


If you think it should be shortened or otherwise edited, please feel free to make changes and send it back to me, and then I'll post it.


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Dr. Srivastava at Eastside Dental Medicine has been my dentist for about 14 years.  During that time she has done a great deal of work in my mouth including fillings, inlays, onlays, and a crown.  As my old silver fillings cracked and wore out, she has replaced them with state-of-the art polymers and ceramics. I've also had cleanings and X-rays done at her office for years.


During this time I've spent many hours at her office and gotten to know her and her staff pretty well.  I've also gotten to know her husband, Dr. Castracane, who shares her practice, but she has done nearly all my work so I'll focus this  review on her.  I'll just say that Dr. Castracane is also an extremely competent, kind, intelligent person.


In my opinion, Dr. Srivastava is an extraordinarily good dentist, supported by an excellent staff and well-organized office.   After a long life filled with many dentists and doctors, I can honestly say that Dr. Srivastava is one of the most competent, caring medical professionals (including both doctors and dentists) I've ever had the good luck to be treated by.  Here are some specifics:


1.  She loves the technical side of dentistry and is extremely good at it.  For example, she once showed me the complex way she shapes a tooth when she prepares it to receive an inlay.  I was struck by two things:  the precision and complexity of the teensy sculpture she makes when she carves the tooth, and how her face lit up as she talked about it.  It was obvious that she loves doing this stuff to the highest possible standards.


2.  She takes great pains to retain as much of natural teeth as she can.  In other words, she tries to make the restorations as small as they can be and stil get the job done.  I remember an extreme case where a tooth was so badly decayed that the nerve was almost exposed.  If the nerve became exposed, the tooth would need a root canal.  She drilled very slowly and carefully for a long time to try to preserve the tooth, and she succeeded.  She also tries to reverse the earliest stages of decay with MI Paste so she doesn't have to do any work at all.  Several times, with her help, I have completely avoided dental work on particular teeth by using MI Paste.


3.  She's very kind and friendly with an open, informal, easy-to-get-along with manner.   I know this not only because of how she treats me but also from watching her interact with her staff.  One of the truest ways to learn a person's character is by how they treat employees. In 14 years and many dozens of hours in her chair -- probably over a hundred hours -- watching her work with numerous assistants, I have always observed her to be  kind, considerate, and appreciative of her staff. I have never seen her treat an assistant rudely or unkindly.  Not a single time.  She treats them like respected team mates. She treats them like equals -- not equals in knowledge, necessarily, but equals as people.


4. Dr. Srivastava's practice has a good reputation among dental profesionals.  How do I know this?  Because occasionally over the years when I met a newly hired assistant at the office for the first time, I asked why he or she decided to take a job at this particular practice.  Several times the person replied, "Because this office has an amazing reputation.  I thought I would learn a lot here."  They sounded like graduates of a culinary school who have lucked out by getting a job at a 5-star restaurant.


5. Dr. Srivastava and Dr. Castracane hire excellent people.  I'd like to give a special call out to Marcella Vitale who cleans my teeth. She is superb.  She recently saved a patient's life -- really!  And Luz Santini, who, among other things, does the scheduling.  I am a scheduling nightmare because of a medical problem and Luz has gone to great lengths to accomodate me.


6. Dr. Srivastava has an incredible memory about my treatment.  She sometimes comments on details of work she did on particular teeth years ago.  She tells me she's like this with all her patients and all their teeth, and I believe her.  I think this is a sign not only of a good memory but also that she is passionate about her work and cares deeply about her patients.


7.  There's a good feeling in the office that includes both the space and the people.  The space is white and open and sunny with big windows and all the rooms interconnect.  The people are warm and friendly.  It's a nice place to be.  I don't want to get too mystical but there's a good vibe in this office.


8.  Whenever I ask a question, Dr. Srivastava is happy to explain in as much detail as I want.  This might not be a big plus for everybody but I like it.  Both Dr. Srivastava and Dr. Castracane are on the faculty at NYU Dental School (or at least they were, I haven't asked lately if they are still teaching), and they both apparently love to teach.


I'd like to comment on two things that were said here by other reviewers.  One person said this office is expensive but you get what you pay for.  Since it's been 14 years since I was treated by any other dentist, I'm not in a good position to compare prices, but I agree whole-heartedly that you get what you pay for here.


Another reviewer said they felt they were being urged to buy a lot of expensive treatments that they didn't really need.   I have never felt this way at this office and in fact I have often felt the opposite.  I think what happens here is that they want to give the best possible treatment.  The best possible treatment is often more elaborate and expensive than what you get at a cheaper dentist's office.  Dr. Srivastava *offers* this treatment because it's the best and she wants to provide the best.  But I don't think she pushes anything.  To some extent she even tries to avoid charging money, for example, by treating demineralization with MI Paste like I described earlier.


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